As you sit down for what's probably NOT your first drink of this week, silently battling the will to drown your boredom/ frustration/ feeling of isolation in booze, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

However, we bet you are feeling a little guilty about the amount of alcohol you are consuming? This isn't helped by the fact that today the Telegraph reported that, stay-at-home Britons are being urged by the World Health Organisation to cut down on alcohol to avoid making themselves more vulnerable to coronavirus.  

But we at SXOLLIE have a little secret we've been saving to tell you on a rainy day (or in this case Corona Virus dayssssss). SXOLLIE is different to many other alcohols... so, while drinking per se is not ideal you can choose to drink better. We all need a little indulgence in our lives, but make it a healthy indulgence. From the outset, we strove to make SXOLLIE in the most natural and pure way possible. 

  • We do not add any sugar, all the sweetness is from the fruit itself - that's why the Granny Smith cider tastes like a Granny Smith apple. 
  • We don't add any concentrate or flavourings - it's purely the apples themselves which are fermented. 
  • SXOLLIE is vegan, and 
  • We kept the alcohol units deliberately lower to make sure you can indulge guilt-free.

As a result, SXOLLIE has far fewer calories than most of your other tipples... 


So why not switch that glass of wine to a glass of SXOLLIE and you’ll be cutting your units of alcohol down from 2 to only ½!  

 SXOLLIE Nutritional information

That’s 70% less alcohol and just as much enjoyment we promise!

SXOLLIE is made following the wine-making process and just uses apples you know and love – Golden Delicious, Granny Smith or Cripps Pink – to create a delicious modern cider that’s only 60 calories per 125ml glass versus 125 calories that the same size glass of wine is.  


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