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We think the best way to enjoy a SXOLLIE is in a SXOLLIE Glass (obv). Come on, be a cool kid and join our squad. These will look great in your cupboard or as a gift for that SXOLLIE mad fan.

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Product details

  • — Pint glass
  • — Unique design by Sinalo Ngcaba
  • — Dishwasher safe
  • — Nucleated to ensure continuous bubbles
  • — Perfect for a SXOLLIE in the sunshine


Designed by up-and-coming South African artist, Sinalo Ngcaba who takes inspiration from everyday life, spreading hope and love.

The background represents a closeup of fingerprints representing each person's uniqueness and the two SXOLLIEens represented in green and red represent diverity of gender, race and background. SXOLLIE is for everyone regardless of who you are and where you're from.

If you look closely, Sinalo has perfectly captured what SXOLLIE is; the girls hair is the map of Africa, and his beard is the map of South Africa. Even her earrings have our SXOLLIE X.

Sinalo's other works can be purchased through her instagram page: @snalo_




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