Put SXOLLIE Cans in your Trolley exclusively at WHSmith!

WHsmith do booze! Say what?

We’re beyond Xcited to announce that our shiny new SXOLLIE cans have rolled out to WHSmith!

Annndddd... lets hear it.... CAN CAN, CAN you do the CAN CAN can you drink a CAN CAN can you find a SXOLLIE in a CAN? 

We were so excited for our WHSmith launch, that we planned a whole big team gathering to "meet at the X", but we're London based, and so running for trains seems to be a standard passtime for us lately. Needless to say, this was the outcome! We had a good laugh though. 

We hope this video makes you smile as much as we enjoyed making it? 

Being based in London, running late for trains is nothing new so, we guess we can't always do it all. But we CAN now pick up a SXOLLIE in WHSmith, and now CAN you - if you see us out and about don’t forget to send us a picture @SXOLLIEXIDER