Sustainable Supply with Nando's

Sustainable Supply with Nando's

... If fast food chain Nando's can act to create a sustainable supply chain, why can’t everyone else?  We take a look under the grill of the South African favourite, to Xplore how they have achieved real, lasting change and this is what we found:

In November 2021 Nando’s went carbon neutral across their supply chain and restaurants.

Not by merely offsetting emissions, but by working to reduce the carbon impact of the meals themselves and also the restaurants, by buying renewable energy.

If only more restaurants could take a leaf out of the Nando’s play book, and with a glint in the eye - have a real positive social and environmental impact on the world.

Like SXOLLIE, Nando’s embraces all that is good from the African continent and long before sustainability became the industry buzz-word, this chicken restaurant was grilling up a new way of doing business. In their words, Nando’s “treads lightly” on our planet. They do this, not by ticking boxes with in-yourface headline-grabbing nonsense, but through joining the dots and making a steady impact in areas where they operate. They form partnerships and collaborate with communities, scientists, and suppliers.

Way back in 2013 they started “No chuckin our Chicken” To date they have donated over 2.8 million males in the UK to charities.

Nando’s work with local, small-scale farmers is Southern Africa to source the famous Nando’s PERi- PeRi chillies making sure every farmer they work with gets a good deal. This = a fully traceable chilli supply chain that empowers farmers 

Nando’s has the largest collection of South African art in the world. As well as collecting and distributing these beauties, they invest in emerging artist, allowing them to focus full-time on their artistic carers.

Over the past four years they have protected over 1m people from Malaria in Mozambique and raised almost 2m £ for an important cause.

Nando’s quizzed SXOLLIE and our commitment to people and planet before signing-off on our listing. To celebrate this new partnership we raise a glass to some of their achievements and highlight that it IS is in fact possible to be both a profitable casual dining restaurant AND have a positive impact on the planet and its people.

Every. Single. Restaurant. Works with a local charity